Harvest Mission to the Unreached

India is a country with over one billion people with different cultures, languages and races. India stands apart from other countries in its diversity. God gave me a burden and vision to reach my country, especially North India with the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. In North India, Christians are less than one percent and hundreds of villages have never heard the name of Jesus. Out of the 4% percent Christians in India, about 70% of them live in South India. Although, India’s economy is growing more than 8% per year it is limited to less than 30% percent of the population. Still about 700 million people live with less than 2 Dollars per day. So we want to train more missionaries in different language in North India and plant churches. We want to reach hundreds of children for the Lord.

If you would like to support a missionary, sponsor a child, sponsor a project, or volunteer time for Harvest Mission, please go to the website for more information.

Newsletter: 2019 July Newsletter

Website: http://www.harvestmission.org

Director: Dr. Varghese Mathew (Saji)