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Alex R. (OC International)

Quite a few years ago now, when I lived far from home, my mom sent me a care package. In it was a small plaque that had this quote on it. I still have it and though it is packed away somewhere (in my attempts to downsize in preparation for leaving… someday), I was reminded of it the other day. I thought of it as I have experienced some incredible moments in the past few months. Nothing can prepare you for the moments that define your life and give you glimpses into what He’s molding you into.

Most of you have traveled with me down this long road to serving in Afghanistan. In December, I encountered a curve in the road I did not see coming! As you may remember, I began working with Afghan refugees last summer which was such a life giving blessing while I waited. With the mounting insurgency and uncertainty that holds Afghanistan captive, the doors slowly closed for my heart’s desire to serve in the country I hold so dear. And yet in the grief of my loss, He was faithful to bring light to my darkness. The very next day, I was asked me to be the Colorado Director for a new Afghan refugee project right here in Colorado Springs!

I have estimated that there are about 30 Afghan families living in the Springs. Currently, I work with about ten of them, and am very close to five of the families. Three of the ladies speak English and I have been able to pour into them as I teach them to live life in America. There are roughly 500 Afghan families across the Front Range and thousands more that have settled in major cities across the US. The model of my little project has the potential to go beyond Colorado Springs. God has truly brought the nations to us and He has opened up so many opportunities for His love to spread in our own backyards.

I’ve dedicated a year to building this project, but am open to the possibility this may be what He had planned for me all along. I wake up every morning and can’t believe that I am able to do this work! Every time that I am with my Afghans, He gives me moments. Moments that are precious to me. Moments that show me that this hard work is worth it. Moments He has orchestrated and allowed me to be a part of. Moments that are beyond my understanding. Moments that may be eternal. So thank you for your generous prayers and support that allow me to be a part of these moments.

My work with the refugees still operates on financial support raised just as if I were on the field. If you would like to give one time or even monthly, you can go to onechallenge.org/give for more information and payment options.

Because of Him,


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