LABC Conversation

A Preface from Pastor Peter Voorhees:

Through much prayer, fasting, and conversation, the elders of Calvary Chapel of Silverdale and I have unanimously decided to move forward with a union between Calvary Chapel of Silverdale and Lincoln Avenue Bible Church.  The video below is a deeper dive as to how we came about all of this and where we go from here.  I was intending to speak about all of this at our previously planned "all-church family meeting" that was scheduled for this evening (March 22, 2020).

I am grateful for the many conversations we have had over the last year regarding this decision.  I am fully aware that not everyone will be in agreement with this move.  As your pastor, please know that this does weigh on me and affects me deeply that not all who call CCS home will be in agreement with this move.  I do not say that to bring guilt or to invalidate the feelings of those that are in disagreement with the move.  I mention it only to say to those who will be upset with the move, I hear you, I love you, and am grieved by the disappointment you must feel.   Even as we move forward with what we understand to be God's leading, we continue to lay before Him every aspect of this move and give Him permission to change course at any moment.  It is His church.  It is His will that we are seeking.  I pray that those who are discouraged by this move will truly find comfort in the Lord. 

We hope in the very near future to hold future online conversations about next steps.  We will let you know about those as they are scheduled.  I love you all and am grateful to be your pastor.  

Serving Christ together, 

Pastor Peter Voorhees