the discipleship experience

what is it?

If you are a follower Christ then you...  A are a disciple & B are called to make disciples. 

The Discipleship Experience is a 9-month journey where we are invited into a life of self discovery where we can be discipled and where we can learn to lead well and multiply God’s love through relationships in our circle of influence. This is a unique opportunity to bring the word of God to life in the here and now.

How many times have we read the Gospel stories and wondered about how to walk like Jesus’ disciples? Here is an opportunity to engage in the culture change the Jesus calls us to when we choose to follow Him with our whole heart.

how it works...


Learners, watchers, imitators of Christ in this world, guided by Disciple Leaders on a 9-month journey. Those engaging in an adventure to understand even deeper, what it looks like and feels like to be Jesus’ hands and feet in this world. If you are wondering how Jesus informs our friendships, family life, our intimate relationships, our employment, our worth in this world, this is for you. Each Discipleship Experience will have a chosen focus for the season to help develop and strengthen our ability to be a light to this world. For Disciples there will be two options of engagement in the Discipleship Experience: 


In 1 Corinthians 11:1 we see the heart of a Disciple Leader, modeled in the words of the Apostle Paul. “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.” This is the very heart of a Disciple Leader: to model their learned experience brought by a commitment in relationship with Jesus Christ. To teach others how to model the Gospel in every portion of their lives. To be there to answer questions. To lovingly challenge and empower growth and transformative change. To be an encourager and committed leader and friend to those seeking understanding. Modeling a life lived with and for Jesus with strength, love and integrity. 


This role is to provide encouragement and strength of leadership to Disciple Leaders as they commit to Disciples in their season to growth. Coaches will encourage and inspire leaders while helping to mediate conflicts that may come up. They will act as a tool toward relational and resource-based investment for the Disciple Leaders so they may also grow in their abilities and endurance as a leader. Coaches will meet twice per month, or as mediation needs arise, with Disciple Leaders, in order to allow them the strength and endurance to run this race to its full completion.

what's next?

Through the Discipleship Experience, we come together as learners, teachers and multipliers of God’s love through action in our lives. We get invited on an adventure to begin to look, walk and talk more like Jesus, the glory of His name, and so to see His kingdom established even more on earth as it is in Heaven.

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